People looking for a new vehicle are surrounded by offers and hooks from car dealers designed to get you in the door. These offers can be anything from low 0% rates to cash rebates, free oil changes, payments on us, winter tires, gas cards, tablets, flat screen TVs and so much more…
Unfortunately these offers also change from month to month.
What if you are looking for 0% for your desired term but that isn’t the manufacturer’s current offer?

Or maybe you need a set of winter tires instead of an All-Wheel Control rebate, but that was the offer from last month.”It becomes very frustrating for the customer trying to find the right time to buy,” says Paul Micallef, General Manager at Scarborough Mitsubishi.
Paul wants to know what people truly want so that he can make it happen on their schedule instead of the manufacturer’s.

“With this in mind we have come up with the concept of #YourDealYourWay. It’s a new program we have created that will empower customers to speak their mind and puts the control in their hands, and not the manufacturer’s. If you’re ready to buy, we’ll craft the deal that works for you.”

Scarborough Mitsubishi wants to know how to make #YourDealYourWay
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A car is one of the biggest purchases that most people will make, next to a house. We believe that the consumer should have more of a say with regards to what is important to them when making an important purchase like a vehicle.

An example of how our program works would be the customer contacts the dealer, mentions which vehicle they want and what incentives or rebates they are looking for. So if you want a 0% finance rate instead of winter tires, we’ll make it work. If you would prefer a cash rebate instead of free oil changes, we’ll make it happen.

Basically, the consumer should have the ability to ask for the program or incentive that they want, and not one that the manufacturer says you can have. Customers really need to be able to focus on what’s best for them in order to make a comfortable decision when it comes to buying a car.

“Don’t forget integrity” Paul adds, “if you’re looking at a new car for $25,000 and the dealer you are working with does not operate with integrity, buying that car from them can be a $25,000 mistake.” No discount is worth buying from a dealership that you don’t trust.

Here at Scarborough Mitsubishi, we want to encourage all our potential buyers to not only feel comfortable, but also have a big say in how we conduct our business

When you purchase a car from a dealership you are starting a relationship. You should be able to trust your dealer with your questions and concerns, as well as something as important as the care of your vehicle. We strive every day to be the dealership that you trust when looking for a new vehicle.

This is why we offer #YourDealYourWay

Please drop a reply and tell us what you think of this new way of doing business.
You can contact Paul directly for any further information at paul@scarboroughmitsubishi.com

In the meantime, don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of our happy customers below.

Scarborough Mitsubishi wants you to know:
*all offers are “subject to approval”, and not valid “Post Sale”. See dealer for complete details.